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11/29/21 A Neoclassical / Roman Holiday / Audrey style Christmas

11/29/21 A Neoclassical / Roman Holiday / Audrey style Christmas I've learned a lot about Neoclassical vs. Classical vs. Federal vs. what-does-all-this-mean architecture thanks to our Thanksgiving holiday in Charleston (which was fantastic - you must go!)   Classical architecture is the real deal, as in a structure from Greek or Roman Empire, Neoclassical is "with elements from the school of Greek and Roman architecture" but built much later, and Federal is Neoclassical but happening in 18th and 19th century America.

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11/22/21 A Charleston Thanksgiving

11/22/21 A Charleston Thanksgiving As Bing Crosby crooned in Holiday Inn, "I've got plenty to be thankful for..."  we're off to Charleston where we're meeting my two sons and another of our favorite families for the holiday.   Foodtopia, fishing (for some) and frolic await, and I'll follow up with a more detailed guide to the fabulous Holy City soon.  

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11/15/21 A Very Versailles Holiday

11/15/21  A Very Versailles Holiday If managing your family's happy holiday crush of merry madness is already making you feel a bit like Sophia Coppola managing the crowd scenes in "Marie Antoinette", well then here's a little soupçon of treats just for you.   I am pretty sure Marie would approve of all the belles choses linked below.

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