Summer Loving Blues and Greens 7/1/24
My friend Merrill and I rode bikes out to Cisco last week, and this is the view that greeted us.  I wish I had the photography skills to better capture the myriad shades of blues and greens emerging from the departing fog.   Doesn't the little house on the left look like it belongs in a Nancy Meyers movie?   What would the plot be ... hmm, how about this:  Middle aged woman <still wears the same size jeans she did in college, and has the most perfect easy breezy hair style, despite the island's relentless humidity>, borrows a friend's Nantucket cottage for a weekend and ends up staying through to Christmas "to find herself".   What do you suppose it is that our protagonist finds?   Just how you answer that may tell you something about where you are in life.  READ MORE