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Reflection 1/9/23

Reflection 1/9/23 What's your philosophy on New Year's resolutions?   I feel that January bombards us with a meteor shower of pressures to make bold and worthy resolutions.    Last year, I earnestly resolved to start the year with thirty days of yoga.   That didn't go so well.     I like yoga and wish I did more of it.   But that wasn't enough to keep it going for thirty days, and it felt like a fail.  READ MORE

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Pampering Mode 1/2/23

Pampering Mode 1/2/23 Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of our post Christmas chores  - like taking down the tree, and clearing up the joyous detritus of our holiday celebrations - were somehow magically replaced by pampering time for Mrs. Claus?  I'm talking a tray of fresh cut melon, tea and brioche with ironed newspapers, a new coif and manicure, all enjoyed in your mink trimmed bed jacket exactly like clever Miss Monocle above.  READ MORE

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And to All a Good Night 12/26/22

And to All a Good Night 12/26/22 If you're anything like me, you're probably feeling a little like that Christmas tree on the Parisian balcony.   Standing tall and looking out brightly over the last wispy trails of another Christmas .   Look a little more closely, and you'll see that the top half of the tree's lights are out.    I can relate to that.    READ MORE

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