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Daffydowndilly 3/6/23

Daffydowndilly 3/6/23 This is about the earliest that I can remember the daffodils blooming in Virginia.  One of my favorite varieties, “cheerfulness” (shown above) is just about to pop, and the parade began weeks ago with the miniature "jetfire".  I did not realize it, but In researching this note I learned that if you plan a variety of early to mid and late season bulbs, you can have daffodils in bloom for six to eight weeks.  READ MORE

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Palm Beach Bound 2.27/23

Palm Beach Bound 2.27/23 Last Monday, I was whining just a wee bit about the midwinter blues.   What a difference a week makes.  I'm just back from a long weekend with the dearest of friends, my smile from laughter hasn't faded.   And today, I'm scurrying about preparing for a quick trip to Palm Beach, where I'll be having a trunk show at Lycette Designs on South County Road, this Saturday, March 4.   READ MORE

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Blue Note 2/20/23

Blue Note 2/20/23 Lewis Miller has a way to surprise and lift the hearts of New Yorkers (as well as those of the rest of the world following along on instagram).   For Valentine's Day last week, he enchanted us with this blue moon floral flash atop Rockefeller Center (and free passes for the first twenty followers who arrived).   Valentine's Day is over, yet winter hasn't left town for good.   READ MORE

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