Love Note from Meg

The Blue Edit 9/19/22

The Blue Edit 9/19/22 I'm taking the Acela today, which brought to mind the sublimely beautiful blue image above - a glimpse inside the ne plus ultra of train travel:  the Orient Express by Belmond.   And before you know it, a little google magic led me to discover that Belmond is about to offer a new journey - five nights on the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris.    Ohhhhhh, yes please.   READ MORE

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The Little Things 9/12/22

The Little Things 9/12/22 I just finished reading "The Midnight Library", and I cannot stop thinking about this brilliant work of fiction by Matt Haig.   Down and out, and deeply depressed, our protagonist Nora has the chance to magically remake a major life decision, and then to step into the life which would have ensued from her revised choice.  READ MORE

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Sunflower Sunshine 8/22/22

Sunflower Sunshine 8/22/22 Happy Monday my friends!  Today's note is a quick postcard from Maine.   I'm still on vacation, but I've got a few fun finds to share that are perfect for these early September weeks, before Fall strikes in earnest.  For most of us, it's not quite time yet to break out those cute quilted vests and suede boots.   READ MORE

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