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Out of the Blues 212/24

Out of the Blues 212/24 In last week's note, I shared that I was feeling a case of the blues.  So many of you, dear readers, reached back to me with a tender word.    How do I thank you?   It was like a tall drink of water.  I was talking with a friend about the beautiful outpouring from both friends and friends-whom-I-have-not-yet-met, and she posited that perhaps there is something empowering about dropping the facade.  My friend likened it to Truman Capote's swans - all that energy expended in creating the perfect visage, whereas inner strength can most be found in seeing and owning one's true self, imperfections and all.   READ MORE

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In the Pink 2/4/24

In the Pink 2/4/24 Aaah what is it about some weeks?   This one was not my week.  The ugly beast of my insomnia raised its dragon head.   The little things and a few big ones that didn't go my way seemed overwhelming.   I know it helps to put the words down on paper (proverbially or preferably in an especially beautiful journal).   I'm writing it down here, because I hope it might help just one of my dear readers to know you're not alone if you're having some mid winter blues, big or small.  READ MORE

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Golfy 1/29/24

Golfy 1/29/24 I just got back from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando (where I was showing my custom line of bangle bracelets).   I think it might be safe to say that I knew less about golf than 99 percent of the people there - of which there were more than 30,000 (!!). 

My idea of a good afternoon of golf is taking my clubs on a nice walk with some girlfriends, and just maybe my ball will actually go into the hole a few times.    I spend much of the nice walk trying to avoid close encounters with real golfers, in whose way I might accidentally tread.  Golfy I am not.  READ MORE

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