Love Note from Meg

1/3/22 Nuture Yourself

1/3/22 Nuture Yourself In the quiet of last week, I tucked into my favorite chair by the fire, and enjoyed some me time reading Willow Crossley's "The Wild Journal:  A Year of Nurturing Yourself Through Nature".    This line resonated: "Have you ever had an incredibly stressful day but found that simply by going outside and encountering nature - in whatever form you find it - you feel a bit happier, calmer and reconnected?"   

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12/27/21 Little Blue Boxes

12/27/21 Little Blue Boxes Every Christmas morning for the last 20ish years, I make a point of taking a quick time out from the happy chaos under my own roof, and just for a moment, I try to picture all those little blue and white MCD boxes under all the Christmas trees near and far.    I think how enormously lucky I am to be a part of your wish lists and your holiday celebrations, and how it has changed my life.   I pause and feel how fortunate I am to have a tiny chance to spread a little joy to so many people I know and love, and also to many whom I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting.   My heart overflows with gratitude.

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12/20/21 Paint the Town Red

12/20/21 Paint the Town Red How wonderful is London's Fortnum & Mason all lit up in red and dressed like an Advent calendar?!  Now if only every window held the perfect fair isle sweater  ...  a girl can dream.

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