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Waterworks 5/23/23

Waterworks 5/23/23 Today's note features the cool blue hues of water.  If you're like me, you know that magic feeling that rushes over you from simply slowing down and gazing at breaking waves.    Or sunlight glistening on water.   How is it these scenes instinctively bring on a feeling of calm and restoration?    Did you ever notice how almost every spa has a signature water feature?   READ MORE

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A Mother's Day Bouquet 5/16/23

A Mother's Day Bouquet 5/16/23 Hope your little lambs spoiled you.  I am also one to heartily embrace the DIY option.   We've got some colorfully enticing enhancements to your Mother's Day celebration below.  Don't be sheepish.  We also have some restocks of a few of my favorite necklaces on the website.  A few years ago, in celebration of Mother's Day, I "gifted" myself two David Austin rose bushes, ostensibly from my two sons.   They're blooming now, and their provenance always brings me an extra smile.    My boys have no idea what a great present that was.   READ MORE

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Pink and Blue Magic 5/8/23

Pink and Blue Magic  5/8/23

Cheers to all the mothers, daughters and grandmothers out there this week.   And a special hug to those who feel a loss on mother's day.   Today we're looking at all things pink and blue.  Here's a lovely note on which to start your day ...

"Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth.   
For what they believe is what they will become." 
Brooke Hampton


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