Love Note from Meg

7/26/21 - Adieu for a bit - Greatest Hits

7/26/21 - Adieu for a bit - Greatest Hits August is always special for me - we head to Maine for a much needed recharge.   I'm going to take a break from the Love Notes for the next few weeks (perhaps even a wee bit longer), but I'll be back with a collection of fantastic fall fun for you.

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7/19/21 - Limoncello drops of loveliness

7/19/21 - Limoncello drops of loveliness High summer brings thoughts of tart lemon flavors,  refreshing dips in the sea, late afternoon naps, and long lingering dinners with friends and family under the stars.  We're also lucky to have a few weddings on our calendar this summer - always a treat to bear witness to love in first bloom, but beyond joyous after our long dark Covid days apart.   

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7/12/21 - Put on your sailing shoes

7/12/21 - Put on your sailing shoes Do you remember Little Feat and "Put on your Sailing Shoes"?   I'm feeling a little nostalgic this week, thank you in advance for indulging me.   Above is my friend Steve's Swan 48, Dreamcatcher, moored in Katama harbor on Martha's Vineyard.   I took this photo a few summers ago, on the way out to his boat to race in the Round the Island Race.     His regular crew included a lot of our old Dartmouth college sailing teammates from the 1980s, but all of them continue to race a lot more than I do.  I got invited to this regatta for several years running, I think because I could get good restaurant reservations in Edgartown, and because I had wonderful friends in town who'd let the whole crew use their shower.

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